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About Us

Emerich Energy is an aggressive Research & Development Company promoting Innovative Power Electronics Products with best Project orientation Service & Support for the customers. we would like to provide the Advanced Solutions and Better Service that will help our clients to utilize their work efficiently; also committed to always provide advanced products & Sensible solutions and Better service by world class Engineering and retaining the advanced ideas in the industry.

Scientific vision

Our Business Philosophy
Seven Sense Strategy

Sharp focus on Advanced Technologies, New products, Quality and conservation of Engineering has induced a high demand for advanced products. The short-term opportunity lies in terms of products that bring quality and advancement of system...

Exceeding Visions for illuminating the Society

Enthusiastic Work Culture & Employment Policies

Esteemed Customer Retention Policies

Exceptional Solutions, Service & Support

Experimenting Engineering & Latest Technology

Encouraging young Minds & Efforts

Emerich = Making Clarity2 ( E=MC2)